The other day I was browsing Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income and he mentioned a website called Adsense Flippers in one of his posts. I decided to check it out and noticed a “buy our sites” link in the navigation which sparked my interest.

I have looked starting a Niche Website Project to generate some passive income and buying an established earner will help get me started. Adsense Flippers provides information about the general niche area, the domain extension (.com/ and some basic traffic/Adsense stats.

I decided to buy one of the cheaper listed websites and see what it was like. Unfortunately the website I had paid for had just been sold and the list hadn’t been updated yet, I immediately got an email saying I could get a full refund or put the money I had paid towards another website. I asked what other sites they had available for my budget of under $500. Joe from Adsense Flippers sent me some Adsense stats with the website information for a different site and I said I’ll take it.


The great thing about Adsense Flippers is they add your Adsense Code almost immediately so that you are earning income even if the site hasn’t been transferred to you yet. Joe said he could take care of everything (domain transfer, website upload, changing name servers etc.) and have the transfer complete in 7 days. I said I was a website developer and could handle most things myself and within 24-48 hours I had the domain name and the website up on my server. Overall I was really happy with the service from the guys at Adsense Flippers and will definitely check back with them soon as I would like to build an inventory of niche websites.

My Niche Website Project

The website I bought looks to generate $20-$30/month from Adsense revenue and almost all traffic is coming through search engines which is great. I am happy with the content on the site and won’t be looking at making any new posts for the time being. I will however be focusing on improving my SEO as I think I can push the site higher up in the rankings for a variety of keywords.

I am using this website as a learning experience and will document how things are going every few weeks/month. I am currently armed with Market Samurai and will be tracking my Google Keyword Ranking progress with this software. I also am working on a couple of websites that I am developing from scratch so it will be interesting to see how the time/cost outlay compares for an established site and one built from the ground up. Make sure to check back in soon for more updates on my Niche Website Project.