One of the biggest challenges in web development today is keeping up with Search Engines and knowing the right practices will help you to Improve your Website SEO.

Implementing proper SEO (search engine optimization) on your website is not a difficult task if you have the right know-how and can greatly increase your traffic and exposure.

Today I am focusing on improving SEO on a specific page or post with some tips that I implement here at Web Dev Diary.

Check out my How to Find Your Google Keyword Ranking tutorial to keep track of your results.

Search Phrase

It is a great idea to have a focus phrase which should sum up the content on the page. I try to use a phrase rather than a keyword as it is very difficult to rank highly focusing on a single keyword. For example: in this article my key phrase will be “Improve your Website SEO“.

Keyword Density

Keyword density means how much of your content contains your focus phrase (word count divided by focus phrase). Numbers vary but I believe a good keyword density is between 1-4%. Mentioning your key phrase every couple of paragraphs will help to increase your keyword density and Improve your Website SEO (see what I did there?).

H1 Heading

Search engines give more weight to text inside a heading tag with a h1 tag being the most important. Try to feature your key phrase in a h1 tag at the top of your page. Often in WordPress your post title is automatically placed within a h1 tag.

Improve your Website SEO - Headings

Bold highlighting

Highlight your key phrase in bold near the top of your page to let search engines know; This is important content!

Image Alt Text

Try to add an image to your page and use your key phrase in the alt text and the title. This could help people to find your website using Google images as well.

Improve your Website SEO - Images

Your first sentence

Mention your key phrase in the very first sentence on your page (Hint: This is a great time to highlight your key phrase in bold)

Last sentence

Mention you key phrase in the last paragraph of your content, I like to add a conclusion to all of my posts to sum things up.


Add a link within your content to another related source (preferably a reputable one). It is better to link a phrase, 9 Ways to Improve your Website SEO rather than click here to view my page.

Word Count

Write enough content so that your page has a substantial amount of information (over 300 words). If you find you have a page with more than 1000 words, try splitting to content in to separate parts of pages.


This is still a basic approach to SEO with many more factors that will affect your results. In future tutorials I will discuss other methods and plugins you can use to Improve your Website SEO.