Ever wondered how to Find Your Google Keyword Ranking? I have recently started a project creating a niche website which I will use as a SEO learning experience and perhaps generate some passive income while I’m at it.

I wanted a way to find my Keyword Ranking see if any of my SEO techniques were paying off.

I did some research and found a great program called Market Samurai which features a nice Keyword Rank Tracker.

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Market Samurai Rank Tracker

You will need to Download Market Samurai (Trial Version) to use the Rank Tracker Tool. I purchased Market Samurai after trying out their Free Trial Version as I was very impressed with the software and found their Rank Tracker tool very useful.

1. Start by creating a new project in Market Samurai.

2. Select the “Rank Checker” option from the navigation menu.

Keyword Ranking - Rank Tracker

Market Samurai Rank Checker

3. Click “Add Domain” and enter your website address.

Market Samurai - Add Domain

Market Samurai – Add Domain

4. I only ran the tool with Google but you can also select Yahoo and Bing.

Keyword Ranking - Google

Keyword Ranking – Google

5. Select “Add Keywords” in the bottom right hand corner and add the keywords you wish to check your ranking for.

Keyword Ranking - Add Keywords

Keyword Ranking – Add Keywords

6. Select “Update Rank Data” and Market Samurai will run your query and give you the results!

Keyword Ranking - Results

Keyword Ranking – Results

As you can see I am ranking #1 for “Web Dev Diary” (I don’t think that would get searched much) and #12 for “Folded Text Effect” (That term generates some traffic but not much).


I am looking forward to tracking my Keyword Ranking with Market Samurai and hopefully I can improve my results. There are a lot more features of Market Samurai I haven’t discussed and I will post some more tutorials soon. Let me know what you found out at your Keyword Ranking in the comments!