In this tutorial we are going to learn how to create a Peeled Sticker Effect using Adobe Illustrator.

I posted a similar tutorial on my old blog but this one looks better and is a vector image not fixed pixels in Photoshop.

Create a new document

Start by creating a new 800x800px document in Illustrator.

Elipse Tool

Select the Elipse Tool (L) and click within your document and enter a 500x500px fixed size. Place the circle in the centre of the document.

Peeled Sticker Effect - Elipse Tool

Elipse Tool

Pathfinder – Divide

Select the pen tool and draw a line across the circle where you want the sticker to peel from. Select your circle and shift+click the pen tool line, in the pathfinder window select “divide” and this will cut the circle into two pieces. Select the piece you just cut off and Cut (CTRL+X) and Paste in place (SHIFT+CTRL+V) on to a new layer.

Peeled Sticker Effect - Divide

Pathfinder – Divide

Peeled Sticker Effect - Cut-off

Cut-off piece on a new layer


Select the Reflect Tool (O) and rotate the cut-off piece 180 degrees, you may want to change its colour to make it more visible.

Peeled Sticker Effect - Rotate

Reflect Tool – Rotate 180 degrees

Sticker Texture

With the sticker cut-off selected, open the Swatches Window and select the drop down icon in the top right hand corner. Go to Open Swatch Library> Patterns> Decorative> Decorative Classic and select the pattern labelled “Waves Smooth Colour”.

Peeled Sticker Effect - Swatches

Swatches – Patterns


To make the sticker not look rigid we can add a warp to the peeled section. With the peeled section selected go to Effect> Warp> Arch and add a horizontal bend of 36%.

Peeled Sticker Effect - Warp


Drop Shadow

Let’s an a drop shadow to our sticker to add another dimension. Go to Effect> Stylise> Drop Shadow with 3px X,Y offset and 5px blur.

Peeled Sticker Effect - Drop Shadow

Drop Shadow

Sticker Background

With the main part of the sticker selected go back to the swatches window and select Patterns> Decorative> Decorative Ornament and select the pattern labelled “Greek Fret Colour”.

Peeled Sticker Effect - Background


Inner Background

Select the Elipse Tool (L) and this time create a circle 400x400px and place it in the centre of our bigger circle, fill the smaller circle with #991D32.

Peeled Sticker Effect - Inner Background

Inner Background


Add some text and we have finished our Peeled Sticker Effect.

Peeled Sticker Effect - Finished Product

Finished Product

Can’t be bothered? – Download the “Create a Peeled Sticker Effect” Source Files.

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