In this tutorial we will learn how to create a folded paper text effect in Illustrator.

Step 1

Start by creating a new 600x200px document. Select the Rectangle Tool(M) and fill the background of your document with a black rectangle and lock this shape (Object>Lock>Selection)

Step 2

Select the Type Tool(T) with a white fill and type your text so that it fills up 50% of the background. You will want to use a block letter style font such as Impact. Now with your text selected go to Type> Create Outlines to create a vector of our text.

Step 3

Now we will need to draw some lines where we want our folded paper text effect. Select the Pen Tool(P) and give it a red stroke (for visibility) and draw some lines across the text where you want to make a fold. Now select all the fold marks and the text and click on “Divide” in the pathfinder palette. Create a new layer and name it “shapes”, go back to the text layer and select each of the section where we drew our fold lines. Now go to Edit>Cut (Ctrl+X) and click on your “shapes” layer then go to Edit>Paste in Place (Shift+Ctrl+V).

Step 4

With the fold pieces still selected give them a grey fill so we can see them whilst working on them. Now select each piece individually and use the Reflect Tool(O) to “fold” each piece over. Reflect the shapes exactly so that our folded paper text effect looks realistic.

Step 5

Now select the grey selections individually and go to Effect>Warp>Arch and use the following values for each shape. (Adjust to suit if you are using different text)

Step 6

Now we will add a gradient to our text and folds. Select all the elements in our document and add a linear gradient going from light blue to white with the details below.

Step 7

Our last step is to select all our fold sections and go to Effect>Stylize>Drop Shadow and add the following details.


Now we have a nice folded paper text effect.

Folded Paper Text Effect